CVS Health to Offer Narcan Discount to Uninsured Patients

US Medicare will pay hospitals close to its standard mark-up rate for administering the chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy Yescarta for cancer outpatients, who will have a co-payment of nearly $80,000, Reuters reported. Yescarta is approved for patients with a type of lymphoma who have failed to respond to other therapies, according to the article. Additional Medicare reimbursements for inpatients have been requested by Yescarta maker Gilead Sciences Inc and Novartis AG, but the CMS has not made a decision on the requests, according to Reuters.

On Thursday, CVS Health announced that it will offer a discount on the anti-overdose drug Narcan to uninsured customers, The Hill reported. CVS will apply a manufacturer’s coupon for Narcan nasal spray for patients without insurance, which will reduce the cost to $94.99, according to the article. According to The Hill, this is the lowest price available for those without insurance.