Treatment Alternatives and Diversion Programs

Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) programs are safe alternatives to jail or prison confinement for drug-related arrests. They offer the offender the opportunity to take advantage of substance abuse treatment, case management, and other risk reduction services. Often a case manager will connect the offender with resources to help him or her succeed. This may include job training programs, resume assistance, parenting classes, or other services based on the needs of the offender. Participation and graduation from TAD programs dramatically reduces recidivism rates.

  • TAD graduates were significantly less likely to be convicted of a new offense within one year, two years, and three years after completing a TAD program.
  • 81% of TAD graduates did not have any new convictions after three years.
  • TAD graduates are nine times less likely than non-graduates to be admitted to state prison after program completion.
  • 97% of TAD graduates stayed out of state prison after completing their TAD program.

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