COMMUNITY OUTREACH KITS: For Coaches, Educators, & Parents

With prescription painkiller abuse at a record high, now is the time to get educated about how to prevent and spot abuse, and how to help an addiction. We have compiled 3 different kits to equip parents, coaches, and educators with the information and tools needed to help stop the spread of prescription painkiller abuse. These kits contain flyers, powerpoint presentations, social media, and other resources tailored specifically for the three main influencers in a young person’s life. The kits are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used for one-on-one educational purposes, for group discussions, or for putting together learning events for young people whether it be at school or in the community. We encourage you to use these materials to their full potential to help spread awareness on this ongoing issue in our communities.

These kits will include:

          Guidelines and instructions on how to use this kit
          Flyers tailored for their specific kit
          Talking points
          PPT presentations
          Suggested Social Media Posts
          Drug Take Back Flyer
          Dose of Reality logo (.jpg, .png, and .tiff)

Please see below to preview the Parents, Coaches, and Educators Outreach Kits