Take Action

We need everyone in Wisconsin to help prevent the abuse of opioid and narcotic painkillers. There are many ways you can take action: 

Hold an Outreach Event

Take the Pledge

Drug Take Back

Hold an Outreach Event

We encourage parent groups, educators, coaches, businesses, the faith community, the medical community, law enforcement, service organizations and others to plan and hold DOSE OF REALITY outreach events to raise awareness at a local level.

Community Outreach Kits

There are Community Outreach Kits specific to each of the following: Parents, Coaches, Educators. There are also materials for the medical community available through the Ordering Portal. Simply call 262-650-9900 or email doseofreality@doj.state.wi.us to request a password to access the Kits, which are free to use, and many of the materials can be customized with the name of your organization. All of the DOSE OF REALITY materials may also be found on the ordering portal and are yours to download and make use of at no charge (note: you are responsible for any costs related to printing, media placement, or other production).

Community Outreach Kits include the following items:

  • Guidelines/instructions on how to use the Kit
  • Talking points
  • Fact Sheet (specific to the individual Outreach Kit)
  • PPT presentation (specific to the individual Outreach Kit)
  • Social media posts you can use
  • Drug Take Back flyer
  • DOSE OF REALITY logo file

Ideas for Outreach Events

These are just a few event ideas to get you started. Be inspired and creative in your efforts, and look at how to engage the target audience as you plan. Make use of the DOSE OF REALITY materials to keep the message unified, consistent and relevant.

DOSE OF REALITY information table

  • Find out if you can set up an information table at your local schools, churches, community events, sporting events, festivals, fairs
  • Promote the event via posters, social media
  • Download relevant brochures, flyers, posters from the Ordering Portal


Host a DOSE OF REALITY DAY at your business, school, or community organization to raise awareness of the issue of prescription painkiller abuse and how to prevent it.

What You May Need:

Order and download one of the DOSE OF REALITY Outreach Kits appropriate for your audience. Select and download other relevant materials for use.

What You Can Do:

  • Choose a day and promote it via email, website, social media
  • Put up the posters in advance with the date of the event
  • Set up an information table using the materials listed above
  • Invite someone from the medical or treatment community in to talk about signs of addiction, what to do if you need help, and how to prevent abuse
  • Invite the local media to cover the awareness day
  • Place a link to DoseOfRealityWI.gov on your organization’s website, and/or a link to the Drug Take Back section and encourage people to properly dispose of unwanted and unused medication

Other Ideas

Essay, poster, art or video contest: encourage youth or students to participate in a contest to create a piece that helps support the DOSE OF REALITY prevention message in their own school, church or community. Involve your local media outlets. The winning entry(ies) can be displayed prominently at high-profile venues throughout the community, as well as shared via social media and via the media outlets.

Community Walk/Run/Volleyball/Basketball/Football Game: organize a community-wide sporting event in which players or teams are sponsored to raise awareness. Money raised through fees or donations can be given to local substance abuse, mental health or recovery organization(s).

DOSE OF REALITY Town Hall: host a town hall-type question and answer session with a panel of local leaders, professionals from the medical and/or substance abuse field, youth leaders, parents, law enforcement where members of the community can ask questions of the panel and get more information about opioid and narcotic abuse and prevention. 

Drug Take Back Event: partner with the officials in charge of your local permanent Drug Take Back location to host a Drug Take Back Event at your venue, or to select a day for an additional, local Take Back Day, encouraging people to visit their local Drug Take Back location (NOTE: be sure to work with an official Drug Take Back partner for this event! DO NOT attempt to collect unused or unwanted medications on your own.)

Take the pledge to save lives.

Join Wisconsin residents and the organizations listed below in the pledge to not abuse or share prescription painkillers and help save lives throughout the state.

I am concerned about the growing prescription painkiller abuse problem in Wisconsin. I pledge to use any medications I am prescribed only in the way they were intended by my doctor. I pledge to not share my prescriptions or use anybody else’s. I pledge to safely and securely store my prescription painkillers or other medications and safely dispose of them when they are no longer needed or expired.

Partners in the Effort to Prevent Prescription Painkiller Abuse in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Department of Justice
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP)
Wisconsin Hospital Association
Wisconsin Dental Association
Wisconsin Pharmacy Association
Wisconsin Medical Society
Milwaukee Medical Society
Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA)